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Life After Football Can Be Tough

As a pro football player, you’ve got all the perks of the job – a great income, a luxury lifestyle and the freedom to travel and do whatever you want…not to mention the glory of the game.

However, unlike most people, you don’t retire at 65. Instead, you’ve got 8-10 years at BEST before you’re done with football.

Without a solid plan in place to help you manage your wealth, you can easily fall into debt and financial distress.

Worse, unless you can figure out how to make your money work for you, you may have to downgrade your home and lifestyle and settle for a job you hate just to make ends meet.

Securing your financial future shouldn’t be so hard!

The good news is property investing is one of the best ways to secure your future and ensure you retire a millionaire.

It’s the perfect ‘invisible’ income stream that lets you build wealth for your future while protecting you and your family from financial distress.

We work with footballers just like you to...

Retire wealthy with true financial security

Have peace of mind for the future

Build a nest egg for your family

Maintain your luxury lifestyle

Experience time and money freedom

Secure your children’s future

Never worry about finances ever again

Financial Freedom For Footballers

Hey, I’m Christian Ribeiro, a former pro footballer turned property investor with a portfolio now worth millions.

Together with my business partner and property developer Jay Puddy, we take footballers from pitch to prosperity by helping them get on the property ladder, build wealth and secure their future with confidence.

Our goal is to help you build a property portfolio that increases your net worth and allows you to retire a millionaire.

With more than 25 years of combined experience buying, developing and managing more than 600 properties for our clients, you can sleep easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

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Why Property Investing?

Finding the perfect career after playing the field as a professional footballer can be really challenging and confusing.

When I retired at the age of 27 due to a knee injury, I didn’t have any additional skills I could fall back on.

My biggest worry was that I’d end up in a dead-end job, struggling to make ends meet and worse, having to downgrade my lifestyle substantially.

Sadly, it’s an all-too-common problem among football players who often end up in financial ruin and endless personal problems if they don’t have a career path they can confidently get into.

Property investing is one of the best ways to secure your income without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or end up in a job you hate.

Even better, with our complete, done-for-you service, you can focus on levelling up your game while we handle everything from start to finish.

Who is Jay Puddy?

Why Should You Trust Him?

Jay Puddy

Jay Puddy is a Manchester local with a knack for breathing new life into Victorian properties.

Jay combines a foundation of strong family values—kindness, happiness, and good behaviour—with a professional ethos of consistency, determination, and strong character.

Whether he’s refurbishing a classic home or navigating daily interactions, Jay’s approach is all about excellence and hard work.

Jay Puddy with His Wife Charlotte PuddyOutside the office, Jay’s interests are as varied as they are passionate.

He’s a dedicated football fan, often found cheering on his favourite team or kicking around a ball with friends.

His love for the sport extends beyond just entertainment; it’s a way for him to connect with others and celebrate teamwork.

Music also plays a pivotal role in Jay’s life, whether he’s attending a live concert or unwinding with his favourite tunes at home.

It’s a source of inspiration and a form of relaxation that keeps him motivated.

Whether he’s out in nature, participating in community events, or curled up with a good book, Jay is always learning and growing.

His diverse hobbies and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others highlight who he is—a person driven to enrich both his own life and the lives of those around him.


The Ideal Invisible Income Stream With An Average ROI of 150%!

Buy-to-let properties are a great long-term investment opportunity, giving you financial security for the future, and making a great exit plan for when you leave the game.

It’s the perfect ‘invisible’ income stream that produces an average return of 150% in 5-10 years’ time – a fantastic investment!

We call it an ‘invisible income stream’ as we deal with everything on your behalf so you don’t have to.

From sourcing the best properties and finding tenants, to managing and maintaining the property… we can take care of it all with our 100% hands-free, done-for-you service.

We even have a ‘virtual landlords’ service to take care of tenants, so you can focus on your game. In fact, with our help, you don’t need any prior knowledge to buy your first property or get involved in managing or maintaining it – unless you really want to!

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From Net To High Net Worth - Here’s How To Build Your Portfolio

If you want to become wealthy as a property investor, we can help you get there in 5-10 years – ready for when you retire.

Here’s how it works:

1. Book A Call – Discuss your goals with us so we can help and advise you of your next steps.

2. Match To Millionaire Roadmap – We’ll work with you to create a solid financial plan for retirement so you can face the future with confidence!

3. Stress-Free Investing – Get started with your first property 100% hands-free! We’ll take care of everything and keep you updated regularly so you can focus on your game.

Most of our clients purchase 3-5 homes per year, giving them a substantial portfolio that grows year on year once they’re ready to retire.

Interested in securing your future? Just click the button below to talk to us today.

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*Research from the UEFA Academy*

Planning for retirement is crucial for footballers to ensure financial stability and a smooth transition into their post-playing careers. Here are five steps to follow⬇️

1. **Start Early with Financial Education and Planning:**
 Learn financial basics! Budgeting, saving, and investing will help you make informed decisions with your earnings.💸

2. **Create Income Streams:**
 Invest wisely in property, stocks, or a business. Diversify to mitigate risks but focus enough to make a real impact.💰

3. **Develop Skills and Plan for a Second Career:**
 Pursue education and training. Online courses, degrees, or vocational training can prepare you for a new career or business venture.💡

4. **Plan for Health and Insurance:**
 Regular check-ups, proper nutrition, and mental health support are vital, especially during the transition from football to the real world.💪

5. **Build a Support Network:**
 Seek mentorship and counseling for guidance on career transitions. Maintain relationships with former teammates, coaches, and industry professionals for support and opportunities.🤝
1. I was in a fortunate position to be able to buy my own home at 19 and my first investment property at 21 in Bristol city centre whilst playing for Bristol City FC. Both of these assets are still part of my portfolio now. 📈

2. I pursued an investment strategy of purchasing multiple properties 🏘️

3. A route I considered was becoming a Financial Advisor. After passing the first exam, I decided running my own business would be more gratifying and would allow me to give more real value to my players 🤝

4. Being forced to retire from professional football at 27 due to injury has resulted in  daily rehabilitation of my damaged body to try and live a normal pain free life. 😢

5. After not receiving the support I felt I deserved post-football, I have now created a service to support my community of footballers. ⚽️

Message me now to book an intensive and create a bespoke property portfolio plan 📨
The latest addition to the portfolio…but this project is a little different to the rest…introducing our little baby girl Inaya! 👶🩷

Born April 8th 2024 at 05:14am 📆

After a mental 8 days Mum and baby are finally home safe and sound 🥰

Well…here comes the chaos! But amidst it all, we’re determined to be the guiding lights for our little one. Let the crazy beautiful journey begin! ✨
Here’s a Case Study for a Players Project! ⚽️🏘️

This was project 13 🔢

We bought this 3 bed property 3.5 years ago for £127,000. 💸

It was renovated for £25,000 (renovations were a lot cheaper in 2019!!) and it’s been let continuously to the same family ever since! 🙂

By buying in a great postcode, it’s now worth over £200,000. 📈

Building equity of £50,000 AND generating consistent rental income are key components of a successful investment strategy. 💡

This is one of 7 projects this Premiership player has completed with us. 🏘️

Planning for the long term and making smart investment decisions lead to financial security and a comfortable retirement! 🏖️

If you’re interested in building up a portfolio of assets, get in touch now to book an Intensive 👨‍💻
We’ve picked up a lot of new projects recently through the effort we have been putting in behind the scenes. There are:
✔️ New systems and processes being implemented 
✔️ Virtual Assistants that are based in the Philippines hired to do some of the manual legwork 
✔️ Maintaining our relationships with existing agents, solicitors and builders who all drip feed us property deals 🏚️

We’ve never failed to complete on a project that we’ve offered on! However we do get plenty of offers rejected 🙅🏻 The follow up is so important and that’s where we pick up the vast majority of our deals…6/12/18 months after our original offer! 😲 Who said this game was easy?! 🤷‍♂️

There’s no such thing as an overnight success… 
I first invested in Property in 2009 whilst playing footy. Now 15 years later and over 5 years full-time in the Property Business enables our Players to piggyback off our years of experience, our local knowledge and contacts. They get to build their Property Portfolio whilst focusing on their main game: Playing football ⚽️

The Greater Manchester market isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and there appear to be more opportunities this year. If you’re looking for a Bespoke Property Plan that’s tailored to you, drop me a message and let’s get a PPG Intensive booked! 📊
Absolutely amazing experience!! ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏟️
Thursday night’s game was incredible! To feel that atmosphere and see friends get one step closer to one of their dream achievements was very inspirational! 🙌
Felt like we had the best tickets in the house too! Thank you @_meps 🙂
These are the perks of the job! I was very lucky to be part of a 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 squad vs Bulgaria here in 2010. It’s been 14 years since I’ve been back! I was only on the bench…and bloody lucky to be there! 😅
I did make my Euro qualifier debut off the bench a week later vs Switzerland…but giving away a penalty in the last goal of a 4-1 defeat was not the international debut I dreamed of 😂
Regardless, getting my international cap was the proudest moment of my short career and I didn’t reach anything close to the levels that those lads on Thursday were performing. Genuinely was so inspiring to see them achieving their dreams on that stage! 🏟️
I’ll stick to the world of property now instead 🏘️ and build portfolios to support as many of the guys as I can, for life after footy…all whilst cheering from sidelines 👏🤝
Now just one more huge effort!! Best of luck chaps!! @_meps @kieffermoore @adavies40
📈🚀Record Breaking Flip Breakdown!🚀📈

🔸£150,000 Purchase Price 🏚️
🔸£15,000+ in SDLT, Legals, Planning costs, Frictional costs 🧾
🔸£17,000 of Interest to our Private Investor 🤝

🟰 £80,000+ Profit!! 🥳🥳🥳Officially a record breaker for a single sale for us🥇

This project included ⤵️

✅ Off-market leads
✅ Lease option
✅ Planning applications
✅ Raising 100% Private Finance
✅ Tendering
✅ Private Sale
✅ Auction Selling

It has been one hell of a 4 year slow rollercoaster!🎢

Follow @chrismribeiro_ for more property tales and tribulations! 🏘️
Want to know how we made £80,000 profit on a Flip Project without doing a refurb?💰

Come check out the story behind our record breaking Auction sale! 👨‍⚖️

This property was sourced via one of our Direct to Vendor letter campaigns. 📬

2020: The owner contacted us about his own home. 📞

A 2 year lease option was negotiated with the vendor. 🤝

Mar 2021: We Exchanged with a 10% deposit. 🤝

This allowed us to go to planning to convert the building into 5 apartments. Planning took over a year to get approval. And the vendor needed months of time to move on to their next home. 🏡

Feb 2023: After raising the funds from one of our regular private investors, we completed on the property at a purchase price of £150,000. 💰

After going to tender, the refurb costs had now skyrocketed, making the project, in our opinion, unviable to us due to the time, effort and risk we would need to take on. 
Particularly due to the volume of refurb projects that we continually have on at one time. 🏘️

Aug 2023: A cash offer was accepted from a private buyer. A 6 week completion timeline was stipulated, however this kept getting pushed back again and again. Finally a hard deadline of 1st Feb 2024 was given to the buyer, which was not met. ❌

Feb 2024: We decided to put it in auction where it achieved a total of 85 bids! 🤯 It went absolutely mental with 75 bids in the last 25mins! It sold for £270,000! 📈

The REALITY is, it’s taken us 4 years to earn our profit!! 🕰️

Would you like to see an in depth video, where I’ll breakdown the numbers for you? 📈🔢

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